The Palette is Green and Gold

Apr 21, 2020

Our friends at the Fernbank Science Center tell us that the red-tailed hawk is no stranger to Atlanta. When such a majestic bird looks down upon the custom homes in the environs of the High Museum, what does it see? Their lives depend on excellent vision, and, in fact, the hawks can perceive colors we humans cannot see, even into the ultraviolet range. As they glide over the border between Midtown Atlanta and the canopy of trees that begins just beyond One Museum Place, their fabled birds-eye view is largely composed by a palette of green and gold.

The foresight and planning done by generations of Atlanta leaders account for the green spaces that calm the relentless energy of our city. The late afternoon sun provides the gold, as it steeps the skyline in filtered light on its way across our nation to the Pacific.

The Wealth of Outdoor Options

During this time of stay-at-home safety measures, we’ve become even more grateful for the ability to enjoy the outdoors. The 200 acres of our treasured Piedmont Park are still open for outdoor recreation, offering ample room for responsible distancing in observance of health precautions. While particular facilities are closed temporarily, such as the Tennis Center, the playgrounds, the basketball courts, and the outdoor fitness equipment, and although events such as the history tours and the Green Markets are off for now, the Park itself awaits to restore contentment for any who’ve had enough of home just now.

Just a 10-minute drive from One Museum Place, the Morningside Forest Preserve is tucked into the northern fringes of Atlanta’s upscale Morningside neighborhood. The Preserve is a hidden, yet well-loved matrix of hiking, walking, and running trails that traverse over 30 acres of rolling forest. The Preserve has two trailheads: one at Wellbourne Road and the other at the Georgia Power Substation on Lenox Road. A suspension bridge over the creek connects the trails on both sides. Dog owners frequently bring their dogs to play on the shore and shallow water under the bridge, so the area has become known as Atlanta’s “dog beach.”

Results of a Long and Careful Process

The Midtown side of this green and gold border that we occupy, here in this fortunate neighborhood, is one of America’s best example of urban planning in action. Thanks to the process known as Blueprint Midtown, the beating financial and commercial heart of Atlanta has, for 40 years, progressed ever more closely to the ideal live-work-play environment that represents the state-of-the-art in city living.

Hospitable, human-scale streetscapes, with walking and biking options, vibrant activity, and engaging public spaces are woven in among the towers of our Atlanta skyline, thanks to the planning and public dialogue that are ongoing parts of the plan. The result is a city life that’s the envy and goal of urban planners around the world.

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