Where the High Museum Works Out

Mar 23, 2020

Artists might still occasionally be assumed to be tortured souls, devoted to a life of immersion in their work, to the exclusion of their health. Not so today. Even though their works may live on, the life of the starving artist, secluded and fragile, is as long-gone as pre-war Paris, or Dickens’ London. The same goes for the fortunate Atlanta neighborhood of custom homes that surrounds the High Museum.

Among the true treasures of Atlanta, the High Museum is situated at a particularly advantageous point within the overall crossroads that gave rise to our city. For those who seek to work in a workout to their daily lives, the High Museum District offers choices in abundance.

Three Strong Options

Appropriately named, Body Design is a five-minute walk down Peachtree Street from the Museum in the Proscenium building. The focus here is on personal training and an individually tailored program for reaching fitness goals. Their expertise is such that Body Design also offers certification courses for trainers, at another location.

A three-minute walk to the left from the High Museum brings you to Anytime Fitness Midtown. Because many of us appreciate a gym that’s open 24 hours, that’s the name and the distinction of Anytime Fitness Midtown. Anytime brings with it the advantages of a 4,000-location network too, so joining gets you in not only any time, but almost any place.

Also easily walkable from the High is CrossFit Midtown. CrossFit Midtown styles itself, “Atlanta’s School of Elite Fitness.” For those fitness veterans who migrated to crossfit training, nothing else will do. Each day in crossfit is like a sporting event of its own, with new challenges in the company of other, like-minded pilgrims. The results of crossfit training are comprehensive. Resistance builds muscle, cardio increases stamina and protects the heart and lungs from decline, and the relentless pace reduces body fat rapidly.

They Don’t Call the Outdoors Great for Nothing

As fine as the facilities of nearby health clubs and gyms might be, what could compare with the wisely and expertly wrought Atlanta Beltline that connects the greatest of our parks, many of the most sought-after Atlanta neighborhoods and custom homes, and the bourgeoning services, pleasures and conveniences that thrive along the green connections? Called the “emerald necklace” of the flourishing system of Atlanta parks, the Atlanta Beltline is all a runner, walker, bicyclist or circuit-trainer could dream to use, and the Eastside Trail is the High Museum connection to it.

Thankfully, a life of fitness and health is within reach of many in Atlanta, and perhaps none more readily than those lucky enough to call residences such as the custom homes of John Wieland, in the High Museum District, home. For more information on how to own at One Museum Place, visit https://ompatlanta.com/contact/ or contact us at 404.788.9967.